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Ask the Expert: What Does Giclée Mean?

Ask the Expert: What Does Giclée Mean?

Q. I’ve seen the word Giclée used to describe limited edition prints. What does Giclée mean?

A. The word Giclée (pronounced “g-clay”) comes from the French verb meaning “to spray”. In the art world, Giclée is used to describe the fine art digital printing process where microscopic dots of ink are sprayed onto very high quality paper – often watercolour paper, and sometimes canvas.

Giclée print experts are highly skilled in their profession. It’s their job to make sure that the print represents the artist’s original work as closely as possible. Fine tuning the softness, richness, depth and sharpness of the print can take many hours to achieve the desired quality.

A Giclée print will undoubtedly cost more than a mass produced litho one but how can you be sure you are buying a true Giclée print? Well, firstly it may come with a certificate which states how the print was produced. If not, you should ask the gallery or artist to confirm the production method. There are three basic criteria that a Giclée print needs to meet:

  1. The scan of the original artwork must be no less than 300dpi (dots per inch)
  2. If the print is on paper, it must be of archivable quality, consisting of a 100% cotton or rag base and be acid free
  3. The inks used must be pigment and not dye based. Tip: look for ink names such as UltraChrome K3 by Epson, and LUCIA from Canon.

So now you are a Giclée expert! Apologies if the subject is a bit dry. It’s a tricky one of which to make light reading. But next time you visit a gallery and see a Giclée print – you’ll know what it is!

2 simple rules to follow when hanging art above a sofa

2 simple rules to follow when hanging art above a sofa

Hanging a picture over a sofa is a great way to create a focal point in the room. There are, however, a couple of simple rules to follow which will make sure it looks perfect.


Rule No 1. Get the size & proportion right.

To create the perfect balance, make sure the artwork is at least two thirds the length of the sofa. Anything smaller will look lost and unbalanced against the scale of the furniture. If your selected piece is smaller, then use two or more to create a wider group. If you go too big and exceed the length of the sofa, you will find it overwhelms the furniture rather than enhancing it.

Rule No 2. Position for harmony.

Once the size is right, you need to follow the second rule around positioning. As a general guide a good position is 8” to 10” above the back of the sofa. An image too high will look like it’s detached from the sofa and a piece too low will get lost in the sofa. Remember you are creating a scene with the art and the sofa together in harmony, not just hanging a piece on the wall. If you incorporate your surroundings to work with your art, it will tie the whole room together and create a stunning focal feature.

If you need help with sizing up a painting for over your sofa, speak to our interiors expert Fenella on 01275 341 141 who would be happy to help.

A Piece of History – Contemporary Bud Vases

A Piece of History – Contemporary Bud Vases

The ultimate personal tribute – single scroll bud vases

Seeing the thousands of messages packed with emotions, words of encouragement and private wishes crammed between the stones of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem inspired ceramicist Diane Griffin, when she found love letters sent between her grandparents during WWII.

With the idea of making something equally emotional, symbolic and thought provoking, Diane set about experimenting with ways that she could use the precious handwritten letters. Months later, Diane felt she had perfected the way she wanted to portray the emotion not only of her grandparents but of thousands of others all over the world during that time. The result is a breath taking and beautiful range of bud
and flower vases – now available at Fizz and already proving a big hit with our customers.


“I love this idea of leaving something of yourself, perhaps something very personal yet it’s in a public place.”


Each vase is hand built in the form of a scroll – like a letter that has been rolled up. Diane cleverly applies the scripts to keep some words private and unreadable whilst making other words and phrases clear and on show to anyone who looks closely. The contrasting history of the letters and the contemporary design is a beautiful juxtaposition. The bespoke nature of Diane’s vases means no two are the same.

Create Your Own Vase

For a truly personal touch…

Diane will make you a vase using your own script, whether that’s using a letter you have from years ago, a piece of family history, or something you’ve written recently. This makes a truly unique and very personal gift or a beautiful way of remembering someone special.
To find out more about this personalisation, just give the gallery a call or drop us an email. We have a great selection of these beautiful vases available in the gallery, in a range of sizes and prices from just £36.

An Emerging Talent with a Fantastic Heritage: Alex McGarry

An Emerging Talent with a Fantastic Heritage: Alex McGarry

Wildlife artists all over the world aspire to be as good as the master of this popular genre – Pip McGarry. And none more so than Pip’s daughter Alex, whose emergence as a young, professional artist is stirring up some serious excitement.

Aged just, 33 Alex has already proclaimed that she has every intention of being as famous and as good as her Dad – or better. We love a girl that’s going places – and this young lady is doing just that. Prior to her forthcoming exhibition at Fizz this April, we caught up with her in her studio and asked a few questions of this rising star.

What’s it like following in the footsteps of your dad? What’s the best advice he’s given you?

Dad is such a great inspiration and always has been. We have a great relationship and a mutual appreciation of fine art. I think the best advice he has given me is to consistently work hard and learn my business from the ground up.

Can you remember when you first picked up a paint brush?

At nine years old, I begged my dad to set me up with some oil paints and brushes so I could be a ‘proper artist’. He made me a little easel and gave me brushes and paints… I was off! I still have that very first oil painting at home… a painting of a baby deer.

Did it ever cross your mind to do anything other than be an artist?

When I was young, I briefly wanted to be a vet. It was a short-lived dream. I did work experience at the local vet practice and fainted at the sight of a poorly puppy so was promptly sent home!

What is your favourite animal to paint and why?

At the moment it has to be hares; I love their big glassy eyes, their strength, power and unclassic beauty. There’s definitely something about them that makes me want to put brush to canvas time and time again.

Will it always be wildlife?

Yes! Wildlife and animals (especially the wildlife we have right here on our doorstep and all around us) is really important to me. For a long time, I tried to avoid painting wildlife as I didn’t want to be perceived as just ‘copying’ Dad. I painted landscapes for a few years but as soon as I made the transition to painting wildlife, I knew I was on the right path… it all just clicked into place.

You are tipped to be hugely successful as an artist – is that pressure a good thing for you? How do you deal with it?

It is just hugely exciting! I thrive on pressure, so for me it is definitely a good thing. It is the most amazing feeling to have someone choose one of your paintings for their home and know they will be enjoying it day in, day out.

What are your dreams for the next 10 years?

It’s really important to me as an artist not to be content or stagnate. I want to ensure that my paintings continually evolve. My ambitions for the next 10 years are simple really… to be a household name and recognised for my paintings of animals. I would also love to use my art in some way to do more for the conservation and welfare of animals.

If you were an oil paint what colour would you be and why?!

It’s so hard to answer that! Can I be all of them? I love discovering new colours, whether it’s a brand new tube of oil paint or a new colour mixed on the palette. It’s why I will always be a painter… it’s all about the colours!

You can meet Alex, watch her painting live in the gallery and see over 25 of her latest paintings on show on Saturday 14th April. A brand new collection of limited edition prints will also be available.

A Brush with Wildlife: Exhibition & Live Painting Demonstration

A Brush with Wildlife: Exhibition & Live Painting Demonstration

Alex McGarry – Fizz Debut

We are thrilled to announce our first major event of 2018 –  an exhibition by the hugely talented, emerging wildlife artist Alex McGarry.  Featuring over 25 brand new original oil paintings, a collection of new limited editions prints, a live painting demonstration and a chance to meet and chat with Alex – this is a must see for any wildlife lovers.


Saturday 14th April 2018

Meet the Artist and Painting demonstration

Through the first day of her exhibition Alex will be painting live in the gallery and available to chat to you about her work, her inspiration and life as a young artist.  You’ll have the chance to see her putting paint to canvas and watch as one of her stunning painting unfolds before your eyes.


14th – 21st April 2018:  Exhibition

“A Brush with Wildlife” is an exhibition of Alex’s work including over 25 of her latest originals painted exclusively for this event.  From small pieces to large statement pieces there will be a great selection of subjects and sizes.  As well as her originals we will also be featuring a brand new collection of limited edition prints depicting some of the most popular wildlife in the UK


Find out more about Alex McGarry

Wildlife artists all over the world aspire to be as good as one of the masters of this genre – Pip McGarry.  None more so than his daughter Alex whose, emergence onto the art scene is stirring up some serious excitement.

Aged just, 33 Alex has already proclaimed that she has every intention of being as famous and as good as her dad – or better.  That will be no mean feat given the heights that her dad has reached!

Can’t wait until the 14th? In the meantime, read more about Alex here! We’ve exclusively interviewed the award-winning wildlife artist to find out all about her life in her Father’s footsteps, her childhood, and what inspired her to do the work she does.

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