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Placing Art Over a Fireplace – Ask the Expert

Placing Art Over a Fireplace – Ask the Expert

Q. I want to make a feature with a painting over the fireplace but I don’t know how to choose the right piece. What should I think about? (Melanie Ashwood, Bristol)

A. The most important thing to remember is that you should start with the artwork and work from there. Once you’ve found the perfect painting or print, pick your accent colours from it and then look to repeat these in your accessories and soft furnishings. Starting the other way around can result in too many compromises on the piece you select.

The following are three things to think about when selecting artworks for the space above your fireplace:

Fill the Space

One of the most common mistakes is choosing something too small. You’ll probably need a larger piece than you think.

The old-school rule of thumb is that the artwork (or mirror) should be around two thirds the width of the fire surround and mantel. But times are changing and breaking the rules can really add impact if done well. Like the example, create a fabulous focal point by filling the space almost to the ceiling.

Be Relaxed About It

As an alternative to hanging on the wall, placing a piece of art directly on the mantelpiece – like it’s a shelf – is a great way to create a more relaxed laid-back feeling.

In this example, the painting alone would not be enough for the space but accessories placed with the painting balance the piece and create a lovely contemporary feeling.

Go Bold

Painted feature walls are still very popular and can create fantastic focal points when it comes to fireplaces.

If you have a dark fireplace wall, go bold with complementary / similar dark colours in the artwork.

In the example, the serious dark blue is perfectly juxtaposed with the playful pink. Small pops of a bright colour repeated carefully can add sophistication and interest to a room.

Top Tip…

Don’t fall into the trap of lining up the artwork with the edge of the mantelpiece. Go for something that’s wider or narrower, otherwise everything is too symmetrical.

ARTGlass – The Difference is Clear

ARTGlass – The Difference is Clear

There’s nothing more frustrating and I think we’ve all experienced this – you’ve bought a lovely new picture or just had something framed, you’ve hung it on the wall only to find that for the majority of the day, all you can see is a reflection of yourself, the room, or the window opposite.

For years, the only solution to this has been to use non-reflective glass but let’s be honest, it might reduce the reflections but it kills the clarity of the picture, dulls the colours and is akin to looking through fog!

The good news is that glass technology has come along way recently and none of us need to put up with reflections in our pictures any longer. Let us introduce you to ARTGlass, (also known as invisible glass) and when you see it, you’ll know why!

ARTGlass reduces reflection to just 0.5%, provides a 90% UV protection to prevent your pictures from fading and offers crystal clear clarity – honestly, you won’t think there is glass there at all. Having offered ARTGlass to our customers for the last 12 months, since it became affordable, we are now using it on the vast majority of pictures we frame. The consensus from customers – “it’s a no-brainer”. And some are even bringing in their older pictures to have the glass changed over to ARTGlass.

Don’t get us wrong, standard picture framing glass is still very appropriate for many things. Being the cheapest option, it is great for those who are looking to frame something on a budget. We still use standard glass on a daily basis – but it’s becoming less popular as more and more people learn about ARTGlass and see the difference it can make.

Why not pop into the gallery and ask us to show you an example – you will be amazed by the difference.

Showcasing War Memorabilia

We’ve used ARTGlass to give UV protection & reduce reflection on this recent framing job. The dark blue mount shows off the colour in the ribbons and the selected frame gives a simple but classic look.

Contemporary Sculpture at its Best – Matt Buckley

Contemporary Sculpture at its Best – Matt Buckley

We are constantly looking for new creative talent – that next “thing” that not only stops us in our tracks but that will surprise and delight our customers when they see it in the gallery. Of course, the creative part is only one consideration. Something can be beautifully made but whether it appeals to a wide audience and is affordable, is another thing entirely. For many creatives, artists and makers, this is a difficult combination to get right.

Rewind to 2016 when we were first introduced to Matt Buckley. We had spent the day pacing the aisles of a huge trade show – we were hot, our feet were sore and our spirits low. We’d not seen much that inspired us that day – our Sunday would so far have been much nicer spent in the garden if we are honest! – but our luck was about to change.

Rounding the end of an aisle, we were greeted with the most striking and unusual collection of animal sculptures we’d seen in a very long time. Near the back of the display, a bald-headed guy of commanding presence was holding the attention of a gathered crowd. Looking more rugby player than artist was Matt Buckley and the beautiful creatures were his work. Don’t ever judge the book by the cover as they say!

Talking to Matt we knew instantly that his ethos and passions were matched with ours here at FIZZ – that art should be affordable and accessible to all without compromising on quality and integrity. Rightly so, Matt did his research on us to make sure we came up to the high standards he has for where he places his sculptures. Six weeks later our first delivery of sculptures arrived and the first was sold within hours. Matt’s work was an instant hit with our customers and it’s easy to see why.

His striking collection of contemporary sculptures is emotionally evocative, fiercely modern, yet remains utterly affordable. Amongst the most popular are the Orangutan, Wolf, Lion, Elephant, Hare, Gorilla, Venus and the Venetian Carnival Mask. The range of subjects means there really is something for everyone.

Each piece has been originally sculpted from clay by Matt in his Shropshire studio. From the original clay sculpt follows a series of moulding, casting, fettling, sandblasting, and levelling. The finishing touch is the skilful application of hand-painting with the end result being a statement piece and talking point for anyone’s home and a perfect gift for someone who has everything.

We keep a wide range of the most popular pieces in the gallery and the entire collection can be seen and purchased on our website.

Online Sale Payments. We are currently experiencing issues with our online payments. if you would like to buy something in our sale please use paypal or email the gallery and we will arrange an alternative payment method.