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Getting the ‘if only’…

Getting the ‘if only’…

Have you ever seen a painting you really like but the size, shape, colour is wrong for where you want to put it? So you walk away disappointed and continue your search for the “right one”.

Perhaps it’s the wrong size, colour or shape, maybe you don’t like the frame or whilst you love the artist’s style, the subject matter just isn’t quite right.

If this sounds familiar then commissioning a painting might well be the answer and is certainly worth investigating.

Over the years we’ve helped many of our clients to commission the perfect painting, whether it is a major statement piece in a room or a small but very personal painting like a pet portrait.

From a Clare Wright featuring a specific bottle of Champagne to an Ed Waite of your favourite cityscape, the sky really can be the limit.

The process is more straightforward than you might think. Just have a chat, tell us what you have in mind and we can work with you and the artist to create something truly special.

Kay Davenport

Kay Davenport

Kay Davenport is oil artist specialising in flowers. Nature and wildlife have always been the inspiration behind Kay’s work.

Through the eyes of Kay Davenport, a windblown bloom which has lost half of its petals are as valid as a perfectly formed bud, and in her oil paintings, we see why.

Kay has been painting professionally for over 20 years. She remembers the defining moment in her career as being taken to an exhibition of work by wildlife artist David Shepherd.

She recalls: “One of the paintings contained a bramble bush covered in frost. I remember standing and staring at all the many colours he had used to create the frost – I was fascinated by the blues, greys and purples combining to produce that beautiful image and it was at this precise moment that I decided I wanted to become a professional artist.”

Kay has lived for some years in Cyprus but was drawn back by her longing for the flowers and wildlife of the English countryside and is now based in rural Cheshire. She describes herself as having a rather dreamy, happy nature and she describes her work as the personalisation of how she sees nature. Laid against an acrylic background, Kay creates the foreground of her paintings in oils as she loves their versatility and their quality of allowing the perfect blend of colour and texture. She often embellishes a piece with gold or silver leaf to highlight specific details such as the wings of a bee or the petal of a flower. The result is a boldness in her work that is cleverly juxtaposed with an intense delicacy and serenity.

During the summer months, Kay leaves home at dawn in order to catch the flowers as they are opening, laden with dew, and often spotting bees which are still dormant on a bloom, giving her ample time to capture a series of close-up images on which to base her paintings. She photographs her floral subjects at every stage of their life cycle. To her eyes, a windblown bloom which has lost half of its petals is as valid as a perfectly formed bud, in that it has its own natural beauty and charm.

Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert

Q. I want to buy some art for my new home but it’s not something I’ve done before and I don’t know where to start. (Helen, Wiltshire).

A. Purchasing art, much like jewellery, flowers or presents, can be fun, exciting and, more often than not, spontaneous. The best purchases are often made when you’re not trying to find something, but out of the blue, you stumble across the perfect piece that makes your heart sing.

The pleasure we get from having paintings in our homes often starts with the enjoyment of choosing them. You get to throw yourself into the creative world of not just art, but interior design, creativity and harmony. There are no rights and wrongs – then it’s all about your own personal taste. Some people buy a painting because they fall in love with it and others specifically look for something to fill a space on the wall.

For some the interior styling of the home is important when choosing art and for others, it isn’t – the purchase is made purely on a connection with the painting. Purchasing a piece of art is such a personal experience, it’s almost impossible to provide a set of do’s or don’ts, so our golden rule is… go with your heart and make sure you feel a connection with the art you buy.

Don’t try to like it – you either do or you don’t. If you need more than one piece don’t be tempted to buy them all at once. And definitely don’t be influenced by friends and family – this is your picture, your choice and only you will be living with it.

Do this and your pictures will give you years of enjoyment. Remember, if you love the picture but something is making you think twice about how it will fit into your home, a different frame can make a huge difference. A contemporary painting can look stunning in a traditional frame – if chosen carefully – and visa versa.

Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya

Acclaimed Russian artist Anna Razumovskaya magically captures the lyrical romanticism of contemporary portraiture, exploring the grace and beauty of the female figure.

Born at the height of the Cold War, Anna was exposed to two very different worlds from an early age, the strict rules of her father, a KGB Officer and strict communist alongside the sophistication and femininity of her fashion-conscious mother.

Thanks to her mother, Anna grew up with an innate love of fashion which has pervaded both her life and her art.

When she makes a personal appearance at a gallery in the UK, she radiates an exotic and extravagant sense of style which combines with her wonderfully warm personality and ready laugh to make her an irresistible guest.

Her paintings seem to be an extension of this charming and elegant woman, channelling her personality and perception of beauty. Expressive, inventive and unpretentious, she could be described as the living embodiment of her art.

Anna is inspired by the graceful elegance of the female form: classically alluring, demure and provocative. The passionate and dynamic application of paint onto the canvas and her use of expressive colour, combine to create her distinctive style.

Anna’s latest work includes a collection of very affordable limited edition canvases, heavily embellished with impasto and beautifully framed to complement any interior.

Original paintings by this artist are also available – just inquire for more information on availability.

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