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Spotlight: Cityscapes by Tom Butler

Spotlight: Cityscapes by Tom Butler

On first inspection, Tom Butler’s work is an accomplished, modern representation of some of the worlds most beautiful bustling cities, but, like most urban landscapes, it is far richer and more complex when you delve deeper.

Giving a genuinely compelling alternative take on life, Tom uses collage components to create familiar scenes in a unique and often unexpected way. Newspaper text, slogans, statements, or single words are slipped into his pieces surprising and delighting time and time again.

In 2004, after a holiday with his wife to the South of France, he found creative inspiration after being mesmerised by the light, colour and texture of the beautiful town of Uzès, a town he describes as an “artists delight”. Returning home he set about recreating the town and the resulting pieces proved very successful. Tom Butler the artist was born.

After years of perfecting his own unique style, mixed media collage is now an integral part of his work with each piece developing organically depending on what he has to hand. 

Whilst subject matters and materials have varied over the years, Tom’s work continues to celebrate cities he loves, giving a new and unique take on each.

“For me, the artwork has to operate on two levels – to look like an accomplished and impressive painting from afar but then to surprise you when it draws you in for a closer look at the detail”.

We are delighted to have Tom’s latest work in the gallery. Come and get lost in cityspaces you know and love, discovering new shapes, textures and colours every time you look. Or check out Tom’s work on our website.


Ask the expert: why do pictures have mounts?

Ask the expert: why do pictures have mounts?

Q. Why do pictures have mounts on them? I didn’t really want one on my photograph but the framer recommended it. I am a bit dubious it was just a sales technique! (Jenny, Bath)

A. Good framing should enhance your picture, drawing the eye to the image. The frame and mount, if used, should always be complementary to the image and not the main event. Using a mount certainly isn’t about you spending more money. That we can promise you.

When we advise using a mount there are many good reasons, the main ones being:

  • A well chosen mount will enhance your piece aesthetically by providing some “white space” around the picture before the eye reaches the frame.
  • Not just for aesthetics, mounts allow the piece to move, expand or contract depending on the temperature and humidity in the environment. Remember paper is essentially still a living product and will always want to move. Restricting that movement can result in irreparable damage.
  • Mounts prevent the piece from being in contact with the glass. This is essential for pastels, photographs, limited edition prints and anything of a delicate or valuable nature. Over time the piece can stick to the glass and be impossible to remove without damaging it.

In a future edition of FIZZ Uncorked we’ll write an article on mount sizes and colours – the do’s, don’t, pro’s and cons.

For advice on using the right mount, or anything framing, just ask the team.

CELEBRATING 150 YEARS: Happy Birthday Clevedon Pier!

CELEBRATING 150 YEARS: Happy Birthday Clevedon Pier!

Next month celebrations begin to mark the 150th year of our iconic Grade 1 Listed Victorian Pier and we are delighted to be involved.

The events kick off on 27th May with a huge birthday extravaganza including live music, dancing and fireworks, as well as a much-anticipated public airing of the Pier archive – a fascinating collection of photographs, documents and memorabilia dating back to 1864.


To mark the occasion we have donated a picture of The Pier created by one of our most popular artists Clare Wright. To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic piece buy the 32 page souvenir brochure available from Easter at the Pier Shop, Books on the Hill and the Pier website.


Over the last 15 years many of our artists have drawn inspiration from the Pier. Edward Waite’s stunning contemporary approach to painting the Pier graces the wall at Murray’s Restaurant in Hill Road as well as a number of houses in Clevedon and overseas. Gabbie Gardner’s beautiful and timeless silver jewellery collection ‘Impressions’ was inspired by the patterns on the railings of the Pier’s pagoda, and on a visit to the gallery last year marine artist David Chambers couldn’t leave without putting oil to canvas.

So as we look forward to the birthday celebrations we say a big thank you to The Pier and all those who have worked and continue to work so hard to build it, save it, maintain it and secure its future.


Let Nature Inspire You: Fenella shares Spring time interior ideas

Let Nature Inspire You: Fenella shares Spring time interior ideas

Interior trends are talked about from season to season, with one article recommending pale walls and un-cluttered surfaces, whilst another talks about bright, sharp colours and an eclectic mix of art and accessories! With such a range of opinions from interior designers and bloggers, it can be hard to know what to do.

My advice, regardless of trends, is to follow your instinct. If you create a home that you love and it brings you comfort and place to relax, then you have it right for you.

But as Spring unfolds, gardens and hedgerows begin to wake up, blossom appears on the trees and bulbs burst into flower, there is often a feeling of wanting to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in. Nature awakens the senses, so bring a touch of that inspirational style into your home.

A small but effective way to bring the outside in could be to use a nature inspired tray to brighten a side table (great for evening drinks!). Check out the gallery for some lovely new additions. Putting a few pots of bulbs in the hallway will add spring colour and scent. Or, it could be as simple as lighting a candle to fill the air with a light floral scent (we have some lovely new ones in our candle and scent stick range).

For a more dramatic change, consider using a stunning wall-paper with a beautiful floral or botanical design to create a feature wall. If you don’t want to be quite so bold, then re-painting a wall in a bright summery colour is another option to freshen a room. It doesn’t have to be forever.

Spring is a great time to introduce nature inspired pictures. Artists also follow the seasons so now you’ll find more to choose from. For inspiration check out Chris Bourne, Heather Howe, Kimberly Harris, Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, Jean Picton, Leanne Christie and Jane Morgan at fizzgallery.co.uk.

Finally, when it comes to art, furniture or accessories, don’t be afraid to move them around. Anything that stays in the same place for too long becomes overlooked as our eyes and minds get used to seeing it. Whatever you do to give your home a Springtime feel, don’t be too worried by trends, they come and go. What really matters is that you do what feels right and feeds your soul.

For help with your interior, we recommend Clevedon based Kay James of K Interiors. She is happy to help with just a room make-over or an entire new-build project. Look out for some exciting collaborations between FIZZ and Kay later this year.

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