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5 Top Tips When Buying Artwork

5 Top Tips When Buying Artwork

Blank walls?  Not sure where to start?

 Follow our top 5 tips for buying artwork:


Thankfully we are not all the same and don’t all like the same things, especially when it comes to art.  Choosing a piece of art for your home can be quite daunting, and getting it wrong can be costly. 

Here we share our top five tips  to make sure you have an enjoyable experience and get it right first time.

1. The emotional connection 

The emotional connection is the most important consideration when buying a piece of art – and applies whether you are buying your first piece or you’ve bought many.  Art should move us and make us feel something – be it happy, peaceful, energized, calm, reflective, or even sad. Here we are referring to paintings but it applies across all art forms.

Art is extremely personal, and the choice you make should come more from the heart than the head.  When viewing a painting (or print) that you click with you should feel almost instantly drawn in and instinctively connect with it.  We often hear customers say “I had to buy it, I just couldn’t get it out of my head” .

Your gut feeling is often the most effective way of determining whether you like something. Never try too hard to like a piece of art – for any reason.

 Of course, there are practical considerations like the space you are going to hang it in, size, budget, style of room and even colour if you are intending to place it within a design scheme. But the emotional connection is where it should all start.

Royal Art -Yuvi

2. Complement or Contrast 

Complement or contrast – it’s an interesting subject and we could write an entire blog on this alone (watch this space!).  But for now, here are the basics…


In the above image we don’t see much of the room but what we can see instantly is its urban, contemporary style, monochrome colour pallet and simplicity.  Here we have paired the room with a very contemporary urban painting predominantly monochrome but with a splash of colour to lift the space and draw attention.  Whilst the style complements, the busy composition works perfectly with the simplicity of the room.


 Many people are nervous of contrasting styles when it comes to interiors and even more so with art. Contrast can be achieved in a number of ways – through colour, style, shape, or even subject. A contemporary piece of artwork can look stunning in a traditional or period home, and a traditional piece of artwork can look equally fabulous in a very modern home. 

Circular artwork can contrast and soften the hard angles of furniture. Contrast is a great way of expressing personality so if you have always wanted to try it – don’t be frightened. And when it comes to art we are here to help you.

Wherever you are buying a piece of artwork from ask for help.  A good art consultant will not only know about the artwork and the artist but also how to place art in a room.

Focal point or supporting act?

All rooms should have a focal point. If your room already has one like an imposing rug, or multi-coloured sofa you’ll probably want to choose less imposing artwork so that it doesn’t fight with the other statement pieces. However, if your room is feeling a bit flat and in need of something to attract attention go for something that is more visually impactful.

This leads us to size, and this is very important when selecting your artwork.  And not because small rooms need small artwork – in fact quite the opposite.

It is a well proven fact that small rooms look bigger with a large focal point in them – and artwork is one of the best ways to achieve this.  If your room is particularly small don’t choose a painting that has everything in the foreground as this can foreshorten the room.  Clever Cogs by Tom Butler (below tip number 3) shows how having a long view extends the room.

Clever Cogs Butler

 3. Do your research and get to know the artist 

 This is a great point, and often one that people overlook. Getting to know a bit about the artist can help you understand the content of their work, and give some context to the pieces that interest you. If you are buying from us, we will always supply you with information about the artist as in most cases we know them well.

 A lot of artists have their own websites, or a biography on the gallery’s website as ours does.  Read up on them, or follow them on social media to get a glimpse into their lives and an understanding of their work and why they create it.

Remember though, if you saw the work in a gallery, it is rightful and polite to purchase through the gallery and not try to purchase direct from the artist (especially with the aim of getting it cheaper).  Despite the boom in online shopping, most artists can’t survive without galleries, and really value them. They often have agreements in place so that artist and their galleries sell at the same price.

Clever Cogs Butler

 4. Consider your budget 

When making any significant purchase, budget is always a factor.  Thankfully when it comes to artwork there is something for everyone.

 When talking about professional artists, an original painting or original print will usually be the more expensive option as it is a unique piece. You are paying for exclusivity, the artists skills and the fact that the artist created it themselves.  An unknown artist will be a lot cheaper than a well known, or sought-after one.

 Many artists now produce something known as Unique Editions, or Studio Editions.  These are created using complex and expensive printing technology and then hand-finished and over painted with real paint strokes, sometimes done by the artist themselves and sometimes done by an artist’s assistant, with the artist’s permission and supervision. 

These editions are sometimes as collectable and sought after as originals as they are more affordable for many and usually have some of the texture and depth of the original painting, yet at a much lower price.   They are often created on canvas or board, just like original paintings. A professional gallery will always state what type of print they are displaying and should never pass off a unique print as an original.

 Limited edition prints

 Limited edition prints produced on paper have been around for many years and are still very popular.  Again, modern print technology has hugely improved the quality of these.  Typically, they are lower priced than unique editions or originals.

 Remember, these rules aren’t set in stone. An original from an emerging artist is likely to be much more affordable than a limited edition from a well-established and very collectable artist.

 There are also extremely viable finance options available, like the 0% OwnArt scheme that we offer at FIZZ, which allows the cost to be split over 10 months, with 0% interest. This makes it much easier to begin an art collection, without the upfront cost.

5. The importance of Framing 

When it comes to framing your artwork – it’s make or break. Get it right and you’ll enhance the piece, get it wrong and you could well ruin it.

A frame is so much more than four bits of wood. It is the finishing touch that complements the room, reflects your personality and is no less important than the artwork itself.

The frame is an integral  part of the way we absorb art and it plays a key role in protecting it. Whether it is a print or an original your artwork deserves your time and attention when it comes to framing.

The artworks you see at Fizz Gallery are presented in a frame specifically selected to complement and protect the piece.  This may mean a big chunky frame on a very small painting, or a very thin frame on a large painting – giving impression of just an outline. Either way there is a reason for it  – so don’t be afraid to ask why, 


Mr Brainwash Sunflowers

Purchasing art is rewarding and exciting, and here at FIZZ there is nothing we love more than being a part of that experience with our customers.   Wherever you are on your art buying journey we are here to help and guide you as much or as little as you need.

Experience ‘The Remix’ – Dan Pearce

Experience ‘The Remix’ – Dan Pearce

The long awaited new collection from top UK selling artist Dan Pearce has arrived.

“The Remix” collection presents a playful yet thought-provoking series of work celebrating the most famous faces of our time, including David Bowie and Her Majesty The Queen. 

Dan Pearce has a huge worldwide fan base. And you know that we don’t do the hard-sell, but these will sell out very quickly.

His previous release of The Queen sold out in just days, so do contact us now to register interest or purchase.

The collection is on show but to guarantee viewing a particular piece please contact us before coming in to avoid disappointment.

Troika Artist Showcase

Troika Artist Showcase


 The debut collection 

Artwork on show 25th March – 3rd April 

For our first event this year, we are delighted to be hosting the debut showcase of urban art collective Troika.  Featuring brand new originals and collectable limited editions from this revolutionary trio, this is an exclusive opportunity to be amongst the first to see their beautiful work.


A new influential art collective, bringing together three extraordinary artists. 

Troika is made up of three individuals, Jamie, Kol and Paul,  each of whom has had an extraordinary and varied career. They are close friends who share a love and passion of the arts, music and film. 

They now come together to bring us an exciting and dynamic collection of paintings, each of which they have worked on using their varied talents in street art, illustration and mixed media techniques.

Individually, the Troika members have a huge array of accomplishments, from fine art and illustration degrees to tattoo design and have worked closely with clients ranging from the BBC and the Home Office to Apple, Google and Glastonbury Festival.

Their history has also embraced film direction, musical composition, community art projects and university lecturing, and they are all committed to philanthropic work which has made an impact in a number of settings.

Blue Haze by Troika

Blue Haze

Troika Bunker Collage


The Bunker 

Where the magic happens 

Troika’s studio, “the bunker”, is where they work together on their various art projects. They associate the experience with working in a band, where the guitarist, singer or drummer may take the lead at any given moment, but they still create music together – like an artistic jamming session.

They begin each painting by preparing stencils and patterns which they create digitally and then work on by hand. They then build up the canvas layer by layer, using mixed media and painted mediums that are inspired by the Far East and urban graphics, including spray paints, inks, acrylics and oils. The figurative element of their work is often created as the final step.

Troika have worked with Miyagi Restaurants, and of their many commissions, their most memorable was painting Steven Gerrard’s football boots.

Recently signed to the UK’s leading fine art publisher (who manage hugely collectable artists including Fabian Perez, Doug Hyde, Mr Brainwash and Sheree Valentine Daines), we are already seeing an increase in demand for and enquiries about Troika’s work.  

The Power of Three

The people behind the art

Troika are Jamie, Kol and Paul. They are close friends who share a love and passion in the arts, music and film. 

Jamie studied graphic design at university, and then lived and worked in London for 7/8 years. He has worked with the artist Jamie Hewlett (creator of band Gorillaz), as a graphic designer for Blueprint Skateboards and Scientist Clothing Brand. He is also involved in charity work for Alder Hey children’s hospital. 

Kol worked with Glastonbury festival for 3 years running as part of their Chinese martial arts program. He has worked extensively behind the camera: photography, film production, creative direction, special effects, and stunt work and martial arts choreography in front of the camera. He was nominated best art director for his role in the short film ‘The Selfish Giant’ as well as working on ‘A Complicated Way to Live’. He has worked with the charity ‘Art for Their Sake’ to create murals in public spaces for communities of all ages and walks of life to enjoy.

With a degree in graphic Design and Illustration, Paul was the founding partner and Creative Director of River Media, a digital design agency within the film production industry, with clients including the BBC, Sony Broadcast, Sony Games, The Home Office, The National Lottery, PUMA, MTV, Unilever and more. He has produced and directed various design and promotional initiatives, for Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Google, eBay and Adobe. He is a freelance illustrator and designer, and also a professional tattooist. 


Trinity by Troika


Troika Logo

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