Are you from Clevedon?

For various reasons, I have moved every two years of my life, so to arrive here a few years ago and start to put down roots is a wonderful feeling. Clevedon is very much home to me now, and I can’t see myself living anywhere else (although Spain would be on the agenda if I won the lottery!!).

What would Sandy say is your most annoying habit? 

That’s an easy one – putting new things on display before they have been checked and priced. It is so exciting to un-pack the new and beautiful items we have sourced; I just can’t wait to put it out on display – I don’t follow procedures very well!

What’s your favourite thing in the gallery at the moment? 

It has to be the bronze sculpture of a water buffalo with its native Masai farmer / warrior on its back; his hands are up to his eyes so he can see into the distance across the plains – I saw men doing this when I was in Africa, and it takes me straight back there when I look at him. It’s a beautifully sculpted piece.

What’s the biggest challenge for you in running a small business? 

Running the Gallery is exciting as well as physically and mentally challenging. And I think the hardest part is not having the energy I once had – I am still 25 in my head!

What do you do in your down time? 

Interiors and gardening are my hobbies. If I am not in the garden, I’ll be in the house moving things around and re-designing rooms.  If you leave things in the same place all the time you stop seeing them.  Moving things around stirs up the energy of a room and brings it alive again.  How I feel mentally and physically is very much linked to how my home feels.

Fevertree or Schweppes?

Fevertree every time!!