When did you join the gallery team and what was it like being the newbie?

I started at Fizz in December 2013. I’d only joined my humans the night before – they picked me up from a rescue centre in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Wales. On my first day, they put me in the kitchen in my cage as they thought it would be the safest place for me. I wasn’t having that though – I wanted to be in the gallery so I could see what was going on, so I ate my way out of my cage within half an hour. For the rest of the day I sat on the desk chair and firmly established myself as “The Boss.”


What’s the best thing about being a gallery dog?



And the worst?

Bubble wrap – I hate bubble wrap!


What’s a typical day in the gallery like for you?

I walk to work which is great – (but only on dry days – I don’t do rain). Sometimes I am in the office downstairs where I have a bed under the desk. This is my favourite spot – right by a radiator. If I am upstairs in the gallery, you’ll find me in my basket. I have a hot stone that goes under my basket cushion. It’s amazing – my humans have to put it in a funny box thing to warm it up – it goes “ping” and then it’s ready.

I love all the compliments I get – I think it’s my eyebrows that do it – I have worked out how to look cute! I go to the park a couple of times during the day – I don’t really do much socialising but I do love to chase the squirrels. I just wish I could climb the trees!

Somewhere between 5 and 6, we go home (or later if my humans are busy). Sometimes we go via the park or the sea front for a walk and a sniff about. Then home for supper, some TV and bed. And yes, I am allowed to sleep on my humans’ bed. They started off with a no-bed rule but you know how it is…