Acclaimed Russian artist Anna Razumovskaya magically captures the lyrical romanticism of contemporary portraiture, exploring the grace and beauty of the female figure.

Born at the height of the Cold War, Anna was exposed to two very different worlds from an early age, the strict rules of her father, a KGB Officer and strict communist alongside the sophistication and femininity of her fashion-conscious mother.

Thanks to her mother, Anna grew up with an innate love of fashion which has pervaded both her life and her art.

When she makes a personal appearance at a gallery in the UK, she radiates an exotic and extravagant sense of style which combines with her wonderfully warm personality and ready laugh to make her an irresistible guest.

Her paintings seem to be an extension of this charming and elegant woman, channelling her personality and perception of beauty. Expressive, inventive and unpretentious, she could be described as the living embodiment of her art.

Anna is inspired by the graceful elegance of the female form: classically alluring, demure and provocative. The passionate and dynamic application of paint onto the canvas and her use of expressive colour, combine to create her distinctive style.

Anna’s latest work includes a collection of very affordable limited edition canvases, heavily embellished with impasto and beautifully framed to complement any interior.

Original paintings by this artist are also available – just inquire for more information on availability.