Q. Why do pictures have mounts on them? I didn’t really want one on my photograph but the framer recommended it. I am a bit dubious it was just a sales technique! (Jenny, Bath)

A. Good framing should enhance your picture, drawing the eye to the image. The frame and mount, if used, should always be complementary to the image and not the main event. Using a mount certainly isn’t about you spending more money. That we can promise you.

When we advise using a mount there are many good reasons, the main ones being:

  • A well chosen mount will enhance your piece aesthetically by providing some “white space” around the picture before the eye reaches the frame.
  • Not just for aesthetics, mounts allow the piece to move, expand or contract depending on the temperature and humidity in the environment. Remember paper is essentially still a living product and will always want to move. Restricting that movement can result in irreparable damage.
  • Mounts prevent the piece from being in contact with the glass. This is essential for pastels, photographs, limited edition prints and anything of a delicate or valuable nature. Over time the piece can stick to the glass and be impossible to remove without damaging it.

In a future edition of FIZZ Uncorked we’ll write an article on mount sizes and colours – the do’s, don’t, pro’s and cons.

For advice on using the right mount, or anything framing, just ask the team.