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God Save the Queen framed

 Exhibition runs: 20th May  – 4th June 


Featuring new work by some of the most popular British artists of our time, as well as some magnificent pieces inspired by the finest elements of British
life, from landscapes and cityscapes to society scenes and wildlife.

The exhibition will include the Jubilee exclusives of Dylan Izaak and Tom Butler, the quintessentially British depictions of countryside and friendship from Mary Shaw and Sherree Valentine Daines, and many more. We have something for everyone in this uplifting and joyful celebration.

20 + artists

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Tom Butler 

Tom has become a very successful and well loved artist in a relatively short period of time. His distinctive mixed media style use a whole range of materials to create a dazzling collage. Tom’s technique and style have evolved enormously over the years. He moved into using mixed media early on, and the collage style is now an integral part of his work. It adds intrigue, resonance and (recently) a touch of humour.

“A winning original”, says Tom, “should have harmony and balance and be appealing both from afar and up close”.

In his imaginative hands a section of a crossword puzzle becomes a block of flats, a wine bottle, or a church spire.

In celebration of The Queen’s platinum Jubilee, Tom has created a new limited edition that brings together royal palaces, red  buses and busbies in a showstopping tribute to the Best of British. 




God Save The Queen - Tom Butler
Paws & Reflect - Rebecca Lardner

Rebecca Lardner

Rebecca is one of the Uk’s most highly sought-after and collectable artists, and her whimsical paintings have featured widely in the media. Her quintessentially British style originates in her Dorset upbringing and her love of the distinctive Jurassic coastline has been the mainstay of her success. Her upbeat scenes portray the lively world of the traditional English fishing village from a contemporary standpoint, with an irresistible combination of quirky humour and technical panache.

Demand for Rebecca’s paintings and sculptures has soared and she was recently the subject of a fabulous collector’s hardback book, “Fish and Ships”.

In 2009 Rebecca was voted the best new-artist in the UK by the nation’s art galleries, and in 2010 she was named as the Uk’s Artist of the Year.

Celebrity buyers and commissions include the Paul McCartney Music Academy.

Mark Spain 


The beautiful figurative oil paintings of Mark Spain have established him as one of the UK’s most acclaimed artists.

Mark says: “Having experimented with many forms of imagery in recent years, figurative work has been the most challenging and satisfying. My main goals are always to create a certain amount of movement within the image, with particular emphasis on setting a mood and atmosphere.


Mark’s work has been exhibited in galleries all over the UK and can be found in private collections round the world including Spain, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA and Canada.

Poetry in Motion - Mark Spain
The Strategist - Debbie Boon

Debbie Boon

The beguiling wildlife paintings of Debbie Boon are inspired by two passions; the sheer joy of bringing a blank canvas to life through painting, and the delight gained from observing and representing the striking (and sometimes quirky) rural characters and vast blue skies of Eastern England. Her stated aim in her work is “ to reflect life and all its visual personality.”


Debbie’s latest work has the ability to sit comfortably in both traditional and contemporary settings. It is exhibited at the Concours of Elegance exhibition which takes place at royal locations including St James’s Palace, Hampton Court Palace and the Palace of Holyroodhouse and was the choice for the Royal Box at The Royal Windsor Show and was later featured in a TV documentary.

Dylan Izaak 

Lynne Timmington’s powerfully expressive contemporary seascapes draw their inspiration from the natural world, specifically the vastness of the oceans and skies, the forces of nature, and the effects of light on all of these elements.

Lynn’s work has been exhibited all over the country in galleries and exhibitions including one-woman shows at The Barbican, The Festival Hall and The West of England Art Academy.

Winner of the Civic Award for Services to the Arts, her collectors include Olympic swimmer and TV presenter Sharron Davies.

She paints in oils aiming to express herself with “less detail and greater impact.”

Royal Riot - Dylan Izaak

Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree is one of the most collectable artists working in the UK, with her original paintings almost impossible to come by. Technically brilliant, stylistically virtuosic and endlessly vigilant, she creates masterly evocations of some of the most beautiful elements of British life, from the elegance of the social whirl to the innocence of the children’s seaside outing. 

Celebrity collectors include members of the British Royal Family, Sir John Major and Sir Ranulph Fiennes and many famous names have sat for her including Joanna Lumley, Rick Stein, Sir Michael Parkinson, Virginia McKenna, Sebastian Coe (Lord Coe) and Jonny Wilkinson.

In 2019 she was appointed as Artist in Residence to Cunard’sThree Queens – Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2.

Heather Howe 

Heather’s use of light and shade is a fine example of her technical skill. Her paintings have the ability to evoke a memory or take us back to a place we love. There is no mistaking the beautiful British countryside in her latest collection of work – from woodland glades to coastal walks.

Heather has always had a strong emotional connection to the landscape and changing weather and strives to communicate this in her work. This feeling of engagement with her subject obviously translates to many people as her work continues to be much sought after by collectors.



Spring Shadows - Heather Howe

…and many more!

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