We are constantly looking for new creative talent – that next “thing” that not only stops us in our tracks but that will surprise and delight our customers when they see it in the gallery. Of course, the creative part is only one consideration. Something can be beautifully made but whether it appeals to a wide audience and is affordable, is another thing entirely. For many creatives, artists and makers, this is a difficult combination to get right.

Rewind to 2016 when we were first introduced to Matt Buckley. We had spent the day pacing the aisles of a huge trade show – we were hot, our feet were sore and our spirits low. We’d not seen much that inspired us that day – our Sunday would so far have been much nicer spent in the garden if we are honest! – but our luck was about to change.

Rounding the end of an aisle, we were greeted with the most striking and unusual collection of animal sculptures we’d seen in a very long time. Near the back of the display, a bald-headed guy of commanding presence was holding the attention of a gathered crowd. Looking more rugby player than artist was Matt Buckley and the beautiful creatures were his work. Don’t ever judge the book by the cover as they say!

Talking to Matt we knew instantly that his ethos and passions were matched with ours here at FIZZ – that art should be affordable and accessible to all without compromising on quality and integrity. Rightly so, Matt did his research on us to make sure we came up to the high standards he has for where he places his sculptures. Six weeks later our first delivery of sculptures arrived and the first was sold within hours. Matt’s work was an instant hit with our customers and it’s easy to see why.

His striking collection of contemporary sculptures is emotionally evocative, fiercely modern, yet remains utterly affordable. Amongst the most popular are the Orangutan, Wolf, Lion, Elephant, Hare, Gorilla, Venus and the Venetian Carnival Mask. The range of subjects means there really is something for everyone.

Each piece has been originally sculpted from clay by Matt in his Shropshire studio. From the original clay sculpt follows a series of moulding, casting, fettling, sandblasting, and levelling. The finishing touch is the skilful application of hand-painting with the end result being a statement piece and talking point for anyone’s home and a perfect gift for someone who has everything.

We keep a wide range of the most popular pieces in the gallery and the entire collection can be seen and purchased on our website.