Stylish & Comfortable

  • Gorgeous prints to choose from
  • Adjustable elastic toggle for comfortable fit
  • Soft wire forming-strip to add comfort & shape over the nose
  • 100% organic cotton outer fabric
  • Non-woven removable activated carbon particulate filter
  • Organic cotton breathable inner fabric
  • Washable at 60 degrees
  • Sealed in a zip lock bag

Masks are cut from large pieces of fabric so design may differ slightly from image, making every mask unique.


Gorgeous new designs now available!

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If we are going to have to wear them let’s do it with style and comfort.

  • Put your mask on – then your glasses – sit your glasses slightly over the mask to help prevent steaming up
  • Adjust the toggles – we find it more comfortable if the mask isn’t too tight – but make sure there are no gaps
  • Remember – don’t keep touching your mask and don’t take it off to speak! But do take off to have a drink!

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