Framing FAQs

Framing FAQs

Are you qualified picture framers?
Our framers are Fine Art Trade Guild trained and qualified. This means they know their trade and work to specific best practices in framing.
How much experience have you got?
We’ve been offering framing services for over 12 years here in Clevedon. Our framers have over 25 years’ experience between them. In the time we have been here we have framed thousands of pictures, posters, paintings, photographs, sports memorabilia, tapestries, stitchworks and more.
What will it cost?
That’s probably the only question we can’t answer without seeing the job because there are too many variables. However, we constantly review our prices against our competitors and we know we are very competitive.
Where does the framing take place?

Our framers are not on site because we don’t have space in our gallery for a framing workshop and it wouldn’t make financial sense to use expensive retail space for a workshop. However, we are in total control of your framing from the minute you leave it with us to the minute you pick it up. 

How long does it take?
Typically your job will be done within two weeks. But if you have a deadline that is sooner than this we will do our best to help you meet this deadline.
Do you do non-reflective glass
Glass technology has changed enormously in recent years and we now use a glass that is much better than non-reflective glass and delivers even better vision. Come and see it in the gallery – you’ll be amazed.
Can you deliver?
If you can’t collect you finished job or it is too big for your car we’ll gladly deliver it for you. A small delivery charge may sometimes need to be made depending on the size of the piece and where you live. Come and talk to us – we’ll do whatever we can to help.
Do you hang pictures?
If you need your pictures hanging for you we can do that. Pop in or call us for more information on our hanging service.
Are my items insured when they are being framed?
Whilst we have your pictures (or anything we are framing for you) in our possession they are fully insured.
Do I need an appointment?

Due to COVID-19 we do require you to make an appointment. This means we can book a member of our expert framing team to help you choose your frame (s) when you come in. It also allows us to manage the number of people in the gallery at any one time and comply with social distancing rules.  If you would prefer an appointment outside of our opening hours we will do our best to help.  And if you have multiple pieces to frame or a very complex job please let us know at the time of booking.

To book an appointment please email, call 01275 341141 or contact us here.

Come and have a no obligation chat – we’ll be happy to help with anything you would like to frame.