Listening in frustration to the owner of a much-loved local bookshop that was closing down, Sarah Hamilton (founder of the ‘Just a Card Campaign) felt compelled to act.

The closure, like that of many small businesses, wasn’t down to poor quality products or service. This was a treasured book shop, where you could get great books, gift ideas, and where children could enjoy books in the play area. 

Not content to just put these closures down to modern day shopping habits and the general obliteration of the high street, Sarah decided to take action and the ‘Just a Card’ campaign was born.

‘Just a Card’ was designed to highlight that whilst the majority of shoppers buy in to the concept of supporting local businesses, these won’t survive unless there is a conscious decision to take action – and if that action is purchasing something as small as ‘Just a Card’ it will make a difference.

As an independent business ourselves, we know exactly how much difference the purchase of ‘Just a Card’ makes to us. Fizz’s co-owner Sandy Prater says:

“Customers often apologise that they have only popped in to buy a card or other small item. But whether they buy a painting or a card, every single purchase is just as important to us and helps secure our future” 

Today the campaign has built a following of over 52k followers on Instagram spreading an upbeat message about the need to celebrate, support, value and buy from independents. And thanks to an all-star cast including Richard E Grant and Hayley Mills, Greta Saatchi and Twiggy, the ‘Just a Card’ message is being seen on huge advertising boards throughout London’s underground. 

For more information and to show your support for this worthwhile campaign, follow #justacard on Instagram, and don’t forget to follow @fizzgallery.