Break open the fizz, dance on the tables –  our new online shop is now…OPEN! 

Throughout lockdown we’ve been glued to our home-office desks creating a fantastic new website to allow you to shop with FIZZ whenever you like, from the comfort of your own home. Although we are starting small we hope you like what we’ve done so far and we can’t wait to take this further over the months to come.

We’re so excited to launch this today so here’s more about the online shop, our journey so far and what’s next.

What Can I Buy?

Gorgeous jewellery for all tastes and styles. Perfect as a surprise gift for someone who needs cheering up. (Or go on, why not treat yourself!).

More designers and makers coming soon
including the amazing Unode50.

Miniature solid bronzes. From dancing hares to sweet little swimming otters, these highly collectable items are full of detail and character. A charming touch to any home or a fabulous gift.

There’s nothing quite like the feel of hand made ceramics. Check out these lovely vases by Diane Griffin as well as animal scultpures by Christine Cummings and Gin Durham, and lovely little botanical tiles by Lisa Ellul.

Starting with some of our favourite and most popular home accessories, we have a selection of lamps, dishes, bowls and vases all available online.  Take a look, you may just find the perfect thing.

The Journey So Far…


When lockdown began in March, like most people, we spent the first week adjusting to our new way of living. Fear levels were high for many reasons – would we get the virus and would our business survive being the two biggest fears for us. Two months later, and thankfully we’re still here! 

So lockdown gave us the time to start something we’d been thinking about for a long time – build a fabulous new website with an online shop for all our lovely non-art things. When we say non-art we mean not paintings or prints. Those will stay on our dedicated art website for now. Without boring you (and believe us, it is boring!) we can’t merge the two sites yet but we hope to in future.

Today’s launch of our new website and online shop is just phase one. We have lots more planned but we wanted to get it live as soon as possible so that you can enjoy shopping at FIZZ from home, especially if you are continuing to isolate, are still cautious about going out, or just busy. So if you are wondering why not all of our things are available to buy online – don’t worry they are coming! And over the next few weeks we’ll be adding new things that you won’t have seen before. Also look out for offers, voucher codes and the facility to make your own wishlist.

We acknowledge that internet shopping is a reality of our time, and of course, we want to be here for many more years to come! We also know that it can be a bit of a cold and faceless experience (we’ve all been on the end of that at some point) and as you know this is not what FIZZ is about. We’re all about great service, expertise and getting to know you – our lovely customers, many of whom we now consider as friends. So if you are buying from us and you have a question – just ask, we’re still here to help. We haven’t got to the point of online chat just yet – but never say never!

Lastly – there’s a few people to thank for helping us to get this off the ground. Luke Bizios of Slice Studio and the team at All Things Web for all their technical expertise (and being patient with us!), our fantastic suppliers for their help with photographs, and the “gang” that tested the site before we went live – you’ve all been brilliant! 

We hope you like it – we’re off to open a bottle of FIZZ!