The ultimate personal tribute – single scroll bud vases

Seeing the thousands of messages packed with emotions, words of encouragement and private wishes crammed between the stones of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem inspired ceramicist Diane Griffin, when she found love letters sent between her grandparents during WWII.

With the idea of making something equally emotional, symbolic and thought provoking, Diane set about experimenting with ways that she could use the precious handwritten letters. Months later, Diane felt she had perfected the way she wanted to portray the emotion not only of her grandparents but of thousands of others all over the world during that time. The result is a breath taking and beautiful range of bud
and flower vases – now available at Fizz and already proving a big hit with our customers.


“I love this idea of leaving something of yourself, perhaps something very personal yet it’s in a public place.”


Each vase is hand built in the form of a scroll – like a letter that has been rolled up. Diane cleverly applies the scripts to keep some words private and unreadable whilst making other words and phrases clear and on show to anyone who looks closely. The contrasting history of the letters and the contemporary design is a beautiful juxtaposition. The bespoke nature of Diane’s vases means no two are the same.

Create Your Own Vase

For a truly personal touch…

Diane will make you a vase using your own script, whether that’s using a letter you have from years ago, a piece of family history, or something you’ve written recently. This makes a truly unique and very personal gift or a beautiful way of remembering someone special.
To find out more about this personalisation, just give the gallery a call or drop us an email. We have a great selection of these beautiful vases available in the gallery, in a range of sizes and prices from just £36.