Cleaning, restoring and preserving your treasured pieces

Our experienced restorers will advice on the restoration, cleaning and conservation of any picture, painting, print, photograph, drawing or other such works on paper.

We have three very experienced and knowledgeable restorers with many many years of work behind them including working for the National Gallery.

Our restoration services include:

  • Delamination  –  removal of brittle and harmful acidic cardboard backings
  • Deacidification –  removal of harmful acidity contained in art materials
  • Cleaning  – removal of dirt, “foxing, and varnishes
  • Mould – fumigation to kill active mould spores
  • Repairs – repair and retouching to tears and rips
  • Mounting Down – of fragile, wrinkled paper, onto Japanese tissue or 100% museum rag
  • Linen Backing – archival backing for valuable posters and maps
  • Fire Damage – reduction/removal of discolouration caused by fire damage

For advice and a no obligation quote – please get in touch we’ll be happy to help.