We’re here to help

Whether you are buying your first piece of art, are an avid collector, or looking for a beautiful gift, we are here to help. We can provide as much or as little help as you need from a straightforward online purchase to a full art consultancy service for your home or business.

Art consultations

Don’t know where to start? Unsure where key pieces of art should hang in your home, what style to go for or how to make it all work together?

We have extensive knowledge and experience to help you purchase pieces that will complement you, your personality and your home for many years to come.

Just get in touch by phone or email to arrange an initial conversation.

Try before you buy

Fallen in love with a piece but can’t imagine it in your home? Concerned about it being the wrong size or style for your interior or whether it will look as good at home as it does in the gallery?

We want you to be 100% confident in your purchase which is why we offer you the ability to take the piece home and live with it for a few days. You might be surprised how a large piece can work perfectly in a small space or how something very contemporary can complement a traditional setting.  Just contact us for more details.

Commission an artist

Found the artist you like but not the right piece?

Why not commission your own – we’re here to help take you through the enjoyable and exciting process of commissioning a piece of art that will last a lifetime.

Whether it has sentimental meaning behind it or just needs to be a specific size, most of our artists love to create commissioned work and we are here to make the process seamless and easy.

Get in touch with us to find out more.


We can deliver locally, throughout the UK and overseas.

We have extensive experience of delivering fragile and delicate items and only work with specialist delivery companies.

Whenever possible, we will deliver your purchases ourselves giving you added piece of mind.

If you would like to know more about our delivery options and costs, just give us a call or drop us an email.

Pay Monthly

Our flexible payment options including interest free credit enable you to spread the payments over 10 months.

Most items in the gallery including art, jewellery, ceramics glass and more, can be paid for monthly and taken home straight away. This includes commissioned paintings and in some cases picture framing.

You can find out more here or just get in touch with us. The application is very easy and the decision is instant.

In the gallery or online

First and foremost, we are a “bricks n mortar” gallery, because we love to meet our customers and build relationships with them.

However, our websites are here for those who wish to buy online – and we’ll give the same amount of attention to an on-line order as we would an in the gallery order.

This website showcases some of our best makers and designers but there is a lot more in the actual gallery. If it is art for your walls you are looking for then head to www.fizzgallery.co.uk and there you’ll find hundreds more artworks than we can ever hang in the gallery, with most available to buy online.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an original and a print?

An original is a one-off piece created by the artist. In the case of paintings, an original will usually be created in oil, watercolour, acrylic or other media. The key point is that it is a one-off and there is not another one the same.

How to tell the difference between an original and a print?

    • An original painting will have clearly defined and textured brushstrokes. Although methods do exist for creating textured brush marks on prints. 
    • A print will usually have an identification number or copyright logo of some type.
    • An original will have rich and vibrant colours with a depth colour, light and shade. A print will have a duller and less vibrant finish.
    • An original will change in different light from morning to night. A print will look the same in all lights.

How do I know where to start when buying art?

You may or may not already know what you like, where you want to put it, what is your budget, what artists you like etc. If you’re just getting started with buying art then speak to us first and we can help you in the vast and wonderful world of art. We are here to walk you through the steps of finding the perfect piece.

Should I buy art as an investment?

If you are buying a piece of art for your enjoyment you should buy it on that basis alone. If you connect with it and have that “I have to have it” feeling, then it is a good purchase for you. If it increases in value, and the work of many of our artists does just that, then it’s a bonus. If you want to buy art as purely a financial investment you should speak to a gallery that specialises in this niche.

How can I find out more about an artist?

Each of our artists has a biography on our website. If you would like to know more, check out our featured artists’ pages where we have pulled together more detailed information about our most popular artists.

Alternatively, just get in touch with us contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Can I see the painting in my home?

In most cases yes.  We know that you may need to see a painting in your own setting to know it is the right piece for you.  We can help you with this in multiple ways: 

  • Try before you buy – if you have found the piece(s)  you love but are not entirely sure that it will work in your space, you can pay for it, take it home on approval for 7 days and if it isn’t the right piece for you, bring it back (terms apply).
  • Art consultations  – if you need a little more help from us in terms of where paintings might be best placed in your home, and how to choose the right piece(s) one of our art consultants will be very happy to help. This might include visiting your home with paintings for you to see in situ.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, on many of our items you can pay monthly. Our 0% pay monthly scheme is run through OwnArt and you can find out more here.

If I don't like the frame the piece comes with, can I change it?

In principle, yes.  Just get in touch and let us know which piece you are interested in and we can go from there.

Do I need an appointment for framing?

The simple answer is, yes. During COVID we started to book appointments for customers to bring framing in, rather than just turning up.  Customers have told us this is much better for them so we are continuing with this way of working. You can book an appointment here.

Can I buy FIZZ Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we offer gift vouchers in £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 denominations and there is no minimum to the amount you can buy.  To order either buy online here and we will post them to you.

Or call us on 01275 341 141and we’ll take your order over the phone.

Need to talk to us?

Found what you are looking for or not quite found the right thing yet? Talk to us by emailing info@fizzgallery.co.uk or call 01275 341 141