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About Christine Cummings


We have been working with award winning sculptor Christine Cummings for over 10 years and her wonderful animal ceramics are a firm favourite with our customers.

Christine’s talent for capturing each animal’s unique character is plain to see.  But it’s her distinctive sculpting style that brings personality to each piece, sometimes with oversized paws or the use of texture to emphasise an expression, complimented by her own unique style of raku firing that she has developed over many years.

She has been an artist nearly all her life and her dedication has brought us these beautiful timeless creations. Her early work focused on her extensive studies of pigs, capturing their character and beauty, drawing inspiration from her pet pig Jezabelle.

Christine’s collection has grown to include a whole range of animals including dogs, cats, foxes, goats, hens, hares, geese and many more. To capture such detail, her work relies on tireless research and observation gained from studying the anatomy and physiology of each wonderful creature to sculpt her own beautiful adaptation.

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