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About Diane Griffin

Diane graduated from Farnham in 1988 with BA Hons in ceramics and has over 30 years of experience of working with clay. She also teaches, sharing her passion for the creative arts.

We first met Diane at a ceramics event in London and were immediately drawn to her scroll vases. The inspiration for her scroll vases came when she was clearing her grandparents house and found old letters that they had exchanged during the second world war. Some years before that, Diane had visited the wailing wall in Jerusalem where she was moved by the thousands of wishes and prayers written on scraps of paper and stuffed into the wall.

These two events combined to inspire Diane to use the letters she’d found. The words you see on the vases are taken directly from her grandparents letters. Not all of the words are readable but you can recognise some words or parts of sentences giving an insight into the emotions they shared at the time of writing.

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