On first inspection, Tom Butler’s work is an accomplished, modern representation of some of the worlds most beautiful bustling cities, but, like most urban landscapes, it is far richer and more complex when you delve deeper.

Giving a genuinely compelling alternative take on life, Tom uses collage components to create familiar scenes in a unique and often unexpected way. Newspaper text, slogans, statements, or single words are slipped into his pieces surprising and delighting time and time again.

In 2004, after a holiday with his wife to the South of France, he found creative inspiration after being mesmerised by the light, colour and texture of the beautiful town of Uzès, a town he describes as an “artists delight”. Returning home he set about recreating the town and the resulting pieces proved very successful. Tom Butler the artist was born.

After years of perfecting his own unique style, mixed media collage is now an integral part of his work with each piece developing organically depending on what he has to hand. 

Whilst subject matters and materials have varied over the years, Tom’s work continues to celebrate cities he loves, giving a new and unique take on each.

“For me, the artwork has to operate on two levels – to look like an accomplished and impressive painting from afar but then to surprise you when it draws you in for a closer look at the detail”.

We are delighted to have Tom’s latest work in the gallery. Come and get lost in cityspaces you know and love, discovering new shapes, textures and colours every time you look. Or check out Tom’s work on our website.