The debut collection 

Artwork on show 25th March – 3rd April 

For our first event this year, we are delighted to be hosting the debut showcase of urban art collective Troika.  Featuring brand new originals and collectable limited editions from this revolutionary trio, this is an exclusive opportunity to be amongst the first to see their beautiful work.


A new influential art collective, bringing together three extraordinary artists. 

Troika is made up of three individuals, Jamie, Kol and Paul,  each of whom has had an extraordinary and varied career. They are close friends who share a love and passion of the arts, music and film. 

They now come together to bring us an exciting and dynamic collection of paintings, each of which they have worked on using their varied talents in street art, illustration and mixed media techniques.

Individually, the Troika members have a huge array of accomplishments, from fine art and illustration degrees to tattoo design and have worked closely with clients ranging from the BBC and the Home Office to Apple, Google and Glastonbury Festival.

Their history has also embraced film direction, musical composition, community art projects and university lecturing, and they are all committed to philanthropic work which has made an impact in a number of settings.

Blue Haze by Troika

Blue Haze

Troika Bunker Collage


The Bunker 

Where the magic happens 

Troika’s studio, “the bunker”, is where they work together on their various art projects. They associate the experience with working in a band, where the guitarist, singer or drummer may take the lead at any given moment, but they still create music together – like an artistic jamming session.

They begin each painting by preparing stencils and patterns which they create digitally and then work on by hand. They then build up the canvas layer by layer, using mixed media and painted mediums that are inspired by the Far East and urban graphics, including spray paints, inks, acrylics and oils. The figurative element of their work is often created as the final step.

Troika have worked with Miyagi Restaurants, and of their many commissions, their most memorable was painting Steven Gerrard’s football boots.

Recently signed to the UK’s leading fine art publisher (who manage hugely collectable artists including Fabian Perez, Doug Hyde, Mr Brainwash and Sheree Valentine Daines), we are already seeing an increase in demand for and enquiries about Troika’s work.  

The Power of Three

The people behind the art

Troika are Jamie, Kol and Paul. They are close friends who share a love and passion in the arts, music and film. 

Jamie studied graphic design at university, and then lived and worked in London for 7/8 years. He has worked with the artist Jamie Hewlett (creator of band Gorillaz), as a graphic designer for Blueprint Skateboards and Scientist Clothing Brand. He is also involved in charity work for Alder Hey children’s hospital. 

Kol worked with Glastonbury festival for 3 years running as part of their Chinese martial arts program. He has worked extensively behind the camera: photography, film production, creative direction, special effects, and stunt work and martial arts choreography in front of the camera. He was nominated best art director for his role in the short film ‘The Selfish Giant’ as well as working on ‘A Complicated Way to Live’. He has worked with the charity ‘Art for Their Sake’ to create murals in public spaces for communities of all ages and walks of life to enjoy.

With a degree in graphic Design and Illustration, Paul was the founding partner and Creative Director of River Media, a digital design agency within the film production industry, with clients including the BBC, Sony Broadcast, Sony Games, The Home Office, The National Lottery, PUMA, MTV, Unilever and more. He has produced and directed various design and promotional initiatives, for Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Google, eBay and Adobe. He is a freelance illustrator and designer, and also a professional tattooist. 


Trinity by Troika


Troika Logo