These are indeed strange times for us all and although we’re slowly adjusting to not seeing our lovely customers, we’ve been thinking of you and hope you’re safe and well. This week we’ve eased into a better routine of work and home life – enjoying walks with Rosie (no more than an hour!) and catching up on overdue jobs.

We’ve mentioned previously that we’re working behind the scenes to enable you to buy our lovely jewellery, home accessories, sculptures etc on-line. If there’s something you wish you could buy on-line from us please let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen. Drop us an email

As soon as the new site is up and running we’ll let you know.

Art Direct to you


Many of our artists are also still working so we’ll be sending you regular updates on what’s new.

Check out where you’ll find over 100 artists.  Whilst we are closed, we will do our best to deliver prints and paintings directly to you.  And look out for some special offers coming very soon, as well as info on how we’re going to support the NHS in their amazing work.

In the meantime, Fenella has been thinking about ways you can freshen up your home and bring an extra sense of calm in these difficult times.  Read on to find out how.

Keeping it Calm

Many of us have had to accommodate working from home recently, I know we have. Normally our sitting room is a relaxing space to chill out in. Little did we know it would one day have to be the gallery office as well!

Positioning our desk by the window allows us to enjoy a lovely view whilst we’re working. Could you move your desk to give you a lovely view?

Refreshing rooms is not only about moving furniture or accessories around, it can also be about changing where your paintings and pictures hang. Do you have paintings you’ve stopped noticing in the rush of daily life? Does the sitting room look great, but do you really see what is on the walls? Try swapping a few of the pieces around and you will be amazed at how you start noticing them again.

Adapting to sudden change in our lives and learning to accept that it’s okay to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and read a book, is something many of us have had to adjust to over the last few weeks. Whether working from home, finding jobs and hobbies to fill our days, or looking after our mental and physical health, all these are more enjoyable if our home is a relaxing space.

Now would be a brilliant time to make a few small changes that will improve the energy in our homes. Don’t be afraid to try moving furniture, art work and accessories around, you will be surprised how suddenly you can change the way a room feels. 

Other Small Changes we Can Make to Help us Through the Next Few Months:

1. When you go for a walk, allow yourself to enjoy the fresh air, notice the peace now there is no traffic, listen to the birds and notice the bees and butterflies as you wander along. In the words of the well-known saying ‘stop and smell the roses’.

2. Take time to have a bath with your favourite bath products, turn the lights off and just have candles to light the room, knowing you don’t have to be anywhere else other than soaking in the bath.

Watch out for these gorgeous bath products on our website soon.

3. Have the windows wide open for a couple of hours a day to refresh the air. And burn scented candles in the evening to help you relax.

4. If you have lamps in the home, make use of them for mood lighting in the evenings and turn main overhead lights off for a while.  This will create a sense of calm.

5. Adding a few plants to the home will bring plenty of benefits; they purify the air, boost mood, aid concentration, reduce stress, and are therapeutic (and cheaper than a therapist!)

Do you have any questions you’d like answering or is there a particular topic you’d love to see us write about? If so, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.